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HI TEC Protein 1000g

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  • Mix of animal and vegetable proteins
  • Contains over 80% protein
  • Supports the development of pure muscle
  • Introduces the body into an anabolic state

HI TEC PROTEIN is a preparation that enriches the athlete's diet in a very valuable protein. This is a ternary nutrient - whey protein concentrate, casein, wheat protein - containing 85% protein. The individual protein components of the formulation complement each other to form a highly bioavailable product of BV = 125. Longer absorption time for one-component whey nutrients provides long-lasting and stable protein delivery during the day and at night - the preparation suppresses nighttime catabolism.

A mixture of vegetable protein with vegetable provides effective muscle growth with a minimal increase in body fat. Thanks to the high content of glutamine (WPC, wheat protein), BCAA amino acids (WPC) and HI casein PROTEIN (casein) improves the nitrogen balance of the body and exhibits strong antacatabolic and anabolic effects. HI TEC PROTEIN is recommended for athletes wishing to supplement protein deficiency, resulting from increased exercise (bodybuilding, competitive sport), or people using a reduced-calorie diet. The preparation is also a perfect supplement to the protein in the diet of people in convalescence.

The combination of animal and vegetable proteins ensures, during "doing the mass", effective muscle growth with a minimal increase in body fat. The combination of WPC with casein and wheat protein effectively inhibits nighttime catabolism.


25 grams (2 tablespoons) of powder dissolved in 250 ml of milk, eat after meals or between meals. Training days: morning after waking, one hour before workout (can be used as a separate pre-workout meal), about 30 minutes after workout with carbohydrates with high glycemic index, before bed. Non-workout days: three times a day (in the morning, during the day, at bedtime)


Portion 25g (2 tablespoons)
The number of portions in the package 40
Packaging 1000g
Contents of one serving incl:
Energy value: 94kcal


carbohydrates 1.6g
Fats 0.9g
Vitamin C 20mg
Vitamin B3 4.0mg
Vitamin E 3.0mg
Vitamin B5 1.5mg
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B1
Folic acid 50mcg
biotin 50mcg
Vitamin B12 0.62mcg
Amino Acid Content in 100g Protein:
lysine 6.2 g
histidine 2.0 g
Aspartic acid 6.8 g
Serve 5.2 g
Glutamine acid + glutamine
tryptophan 1.5 g
Cysteine ??/ Cysteine ??
leucine 9.3 g

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